Communist: we have nothing to lose but our chains

We have nothing to lose but our chains

Freeman and slave, a relationship that is as old as the civilisation itself, we’ve been called by the oppressor in history in many different ways: slave, plebeian, serf, peasant and now low and middle class. Although we’ve been fighting with the oppressor forever we’ve never actually had freed ourselves from this unjust classes, of course revolutions took place but the upper class always had found a way to stay above us, with a different name but still ruling our lives.

The communist ideology states that the society have emerged from the old classes into: the rich and the poor or Bourgeoisie and Proletariat, two camps that are facing each other. The rich class had conquered for itself in the modern representative State exclusive political power which can’t be compared to the political power of the poor people. Therefor the Executive of the modern State is nothing else but a tool in hands of the hole bourgeoisie and the poor people are naked in front of this so called modern society which exploits them directly, brutally and with no shame.

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